About Us

Usizo Africa is a small business focused on the design & manufacture of handmade accessories .

Founded in 2018 by designer Nicole Hughes, Usizo Africa strives to create beautiful items at affordable prices while creating employment for talented crafters in rural areas of Kwazulu Natal , South Africa.

These crafters come to Usizo HQ about once a week . They bring their finished work and then spend the day preparing the next batch of earrings to take home . 

Being able to do work at home is a big bonus for them as it means that they don't have daily transport or childcare costs.

They say that they have the best of both worlds as they are able to be at home for most of the week- looking after their children and elderly family members, but also love their day spent at HQ where they get to chat to each other and enjoy a day on their own ! 

Meet some of our team : 

This is Thenjiwe . She is 38 years old, has 2 children & her husband helps her making earrings for Usizo Africa. Her favourite food is Phuthu & she loves making all the Usizo Africa designs ! Thenjiwe is Usizo Africa's no.1 employee and is an absolute perfectionist .

Cynthia supports 6 adults as well as her own 2 children with the work that she does for Usizo Africa. She is 33 years old & her favourite meal is Beef & rice. Her sister Asanda helps her with the Usizo Africa work at home.  

 Lindiwe is 48 years old and has 2 Children. She supports 4 other adults at home with her work at Usizo Africa. Her favourite day of the week is when she spends the day at Usizo HQ as she loves seeing the other Usizo ladies. Her favourite food is Chicken & rice. When she has a lot of work to do, her sister Bhusi helps her at home.